Mermaid Fitness

As a young and impressionable child, I was enamoured with the world of Disney, and therefore, it should come as no shock that I went through a phase of loving Disney’s The Little Mermaid. There was always something about that tail, that hair, and that voice — no wonder Ursula wanted to steal it. To the young version of me, Ariel really was the girl who had everything. So, of course, I leapt at the chance to take part in a mermaid class and trade in my runners for a mermaid tail.

After gawking at the colourful tails and being pulled away to the pool, our head mermaid swam us through the basics of mermaid swimming. The focus was mainly on learning how to move your mono-fin (basically two fins taped together) in an elegant way.

We all started on kickboards just wearing a mono-fin (no vibrant tail sheath, yet). Once we got the hang of that, we were ready to earn our full, colourful tails. We suited up and entered the pool as a colourful school of mermaids. I want to say with elegance and glamour, but, unfortunately, for us, that was sadly not the case. Coordinating your tail and fin is not a problem as long as you keep in mind that your body needs to work in unison to get the elegant mermaid movement.

After a bit of practice, the experience transforms into one of sheer enjoyment; when gliding underwater it feels like you are in another world. From tricks to mermaid races, the array of exercises was innovative and diverse. But above all, for me, it’s an enjoyable and exciting alternative to the dreaded ab-workout which can feel awfully repetitive. Being a mermaid is not only thrilling but is also core-building and is a decent amount of cardio.  Trust me — I was aching for days!

You may be surprised to hear that this is actually one of the latest fitness fads sweeping gyms internationally. Mermaid workouts are attaining supporters at a whirlwind speed from the creation of Miss Mermaid UK (a pageant, a lot like Miss Universe) to professional mermaid performers and influencers — now that’s a job I would love!

If this is the work out for you, you are in luck! There are classes and courses all around the UK where you can channel your inner Ariel.

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