Social Media and the World of Makeup

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Social media controls most of our young lives despite us constantly denying it. It’s a bit like saying we’re walking our dog, when in fact the dog is rather large and is practically walking you. So it’s no wonder why the younger generation is branded ‘Generation Selfie’. But despite all the negative connotations of social media brainwashing us, it has done some pretty good deeds. Did you know that high eyebrow product demand has reached a net worth of over £40 million thanks to the tutorials on social media? Not to mention all the YouTube makeup artists earning millions through creating their own brand. Some of these brands are worth thousands, maybe even millions – Jeffree Star (with a net worth of $5 million), HUDA Beauty (worth $4.5 million), and most recently and well-known, the queen of social media’s makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics by do we-even-need-to-mention-her-name (worth nearly a whopping $400 million). So it’s reasonable to suggest that social media is a catalyst for makeup sales since there are so many icons marking their territory all over the internet. Tagged photos here, shared photos there, it’s easy to see how brands and products spread like wildfire online.

It’s a huge help for international brands and products. Thanks to Instagram and YouTube tutorials/review videos we don’t have to just stick to the same makeup we’ve always got from our local Boots or Superdrug. As good as Rimmel, Maybelline or Barry M is for the price, it’s refreshing to explore more products. NYX first started out in the US but has earned a lot of recognition in the last few years. Since its boom, it has been introduced in the UK to Boots and has more recently started its UK website. Buying a product can be just a click of a button minutes after you’ve watched one of the reviews on YouTube or the latest tutorial on Instagram. Another brand I found from my personal experience of internet browsing was Beauty Bakerie, a US independent brand with the most beautiful liquid lipsticks. After seeing a review of the entire bunch, I was quick to jump online to purchase one of their ‘Lip Whips’ in the terracotta ‘Ginger Snap’. It may have been a bit more on the pricier side, but I paid for what I got considering it stays on perfectly and is now one of my go-to lipsticks.

Another more recent discovery of mine is Glossier, which I stumbled upon thanks to Instagram. Glossier stood out to me for many reasons – not only is their page delightfully aesthetically pleasing, but the makeup itself is so natural and flawless. If you’re after the no-makeup-makeup look, then this is the brand for you. After scrolling down their Instagram feed and seeing their lipsticks and highlighters, I had to check their website out. Thankfully, they’ve introduced a UK website, probably due to the likes of me who stumble upon these upcoming brands thanks to just one social networking site. I entered into another dimension of glorious products – their lip gloss, their natural brow pencil and their ‘Cloud Paint’ liquid blusher. The blusher was a gem for me. It was love at first sight. Seeing how it is so naturally applied and easily blendable gives a much more effortless look than the issues of stodgy powder. It’s pretty easy to say that I didn’t hesitate in adding them to my basket. And here I now am with a selection of lipsticks and blushers from brands I never knew existed before I got bored one time and decided to scroll through my Instagram feed. So be sure to keep an eye out for cool brands next time you surf the net.

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