Is Baggy Better?

I’m sick of hearing the same old phrases: ‘that makes you look big’ or ‘wear something that shows off your figure.’ The thing is, I’m not comfortable in tight clothes all the time. In winter I don’t want to feel overexposed. I want to be comfy and look good at the same time. Is that too much to ask? I’ve joked to my friends that I love dressing like a boy. I feel better in baggy t-shirts and jumpers in the chillier seasons, even in summer when I can. I’ve stopped caring about how I look in clothes and if they suit my short, stocky body size, and started caring more about how clothes make me feel. I don’t want to let my size restrict me as a person. So if you’re feeling like me, what are the best baggy items?

Baggy Slogan T-shirt

You can’t go wrong. They’re easy to wear. You can make them smart with nice tight jeans and brogues, or you can dress them down on a chill day when lectures are on. With t-shirts, the bigger they are, the better.


There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day than using a huge jumper long enough to be a dress as armour against Mother Nature’s stormy rage. Woolly, colourful and bright work best to turn rain into sunshine.

Baggy Trousers

The Madness song may have been tongue-in-cheek, but these are a serious statement. Not only do they look great on any body size (because size doesn’t restrict what you wear!) and make a refreshing change from jeans, they are incredibly comfy. No more stripping your jeans off into trackies when you have a pair of these.

Oversized jackets

It’s winter and now you’re at university your mum can no longer nag you to wear your coat out anymore. That’s adult responsibility I’m afraid. Take the matter into your own hands, and purchase a new coat, and make it big. My oversized biker jacket is the closest to love I will feel until I have my own child. You don’t have to have a dress-up day when you have a baggy coat. It completes any winter’s day look no matter what clothes you have on underneath.

So along with these examples, the take-home message is this: don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t wear because it either suits or doesn’t suit your size. It isn’t about how the clothes look on you. It’s about wearing what you want and creating a style that suits you. If you want to wear baggy clothes, you don’t have to be ‘slim,’ and you don’t have to wear tight clothes to accentuate any ‘curves.’ Your anatomy will never be the judge of what clothes you can pull off.

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