How to Wear a Blazer

Colourful blazers hanging on a clothes rail

The smart-casual style concept can be the most difficult to get your head around. You may as well be talking about ‘hot-cold’ – how do you pair polar opposites? Well, there is one key item that gives this style its trademark, and that’s a blazer.

A blazer will make anything look smart—remember those annoying school uniform rules about always having to wear your blazer? It can literally be put with anything. A pair of trainers is the best item for the blazer to be paired with—it creates the best American girl-next-door 80s look. Add boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt to complete your outfit.

How about when you have to look 70% smart over 30% casual? Maybe you’ve got a lecture to go to. A plain midi or smock dress with ballet pumps creates a back-to-school look, whereas a pair of Docs will add a hint of grunge.

Definitely do not forget about the accessories. A pair of bold earrings or a choker shouldn’t go amiss, while a buttoned-up blazer finished off with a belt will look great with pencil trousers or skinny jeans.

If it’s an ‘out-out’ night, then why not go for a full-out suit with a matching blazer and pair of trousers? It can be one colour—black, burgundy, navy blue—or you can even use Burberry inspo with a check-tailored pattern. A black or white shirt or t-shirt will complete a chic look with a pair of heels. If you’re really feeling brave, then why not go topless under the blazer? Sexy and classy at the same time. That’s what blazers are about.

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