Get Out – A Cinematic Masterpiece

Key and Peele with their Peabody Award. Sourced from Taken by Peabody Awards

Get Out. Even the title screams thriller – it sets us up for the ride and terror that lies ahead. But get out? More like stay in and make sure to bring the largest popcorn and milkshake, because this film leaves you wanting more. Director and writer Jordan Peele hits the nail on the spot with this movie, a thrill ride with the creepiest of twists and plots that leaves you at the edge of your seat yet hiding from the screen. It’s original, it’s full of suspense, and it carries one of the most important messages of our times.

The sickening concept of a wealthy white American family using black people as hosts for their dead relatives because of ‘better genetics’ definitely shocks, but it’s an important metaphor for what’s going on in the world today. It brings attention to the oppression and racism black people deal with – although I hope that they’re bodies aren’t used as hosts, the hypnosis element is scarily quite alike to how they’re treated. Look at politics – politicians trying to convince them that they’re cared about, but what about the girls going missing in the States, where is the government/FBI’s concern? Why are there still gaps in employment and education? It’s obvious what the message of the film is – they’re trying to be kept in a ‘sunken place.’ Using their bodies to as hosts because of their better physical appearance – sounds scary, right? But look at the white people getting braids and tribal piercings and calling it ‘embracing their culture.’ Makes you think, doesn’t it? The film’s plot is the perfect tool for getting these messages out there – that black people will not be kept in a sunken place to benefit white privilege and to silence their oppression.

So I strongly recommend seeing this film – a thriller that incorporates politics and problems in society. So get out and head to the cinema. You heard me. GET OUT.


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