Product Review: The Covert Clip Wallet

The idea of doing a product review in my own university magazine is something I’ve never particularly felt eager about doing.  However, in this instance I almost feel as if it’s beyond necessary, in fact I believe it’s at the level of indispensable. Today I present you with the Covert Clip Wallet.


I’ve generally always been fairly clumsy when it comes to handling my valuables, so when it came to preparing myself for Creamfields Music Festival over the Summer I wanted to be equipped. Money belts, in my opinion, are ludicrously lame and uncomfortable so I wanted to search elsewhere. Eventually, I came across the Covert Clip wallets, and having quickly skimmed through the product aesthetics and description, I knew this was what I wanted.

And so it was! I went off to Creamfields and had the time of my life. I didn’t have to worry about anything being lost the whole time and never risked getting pick-pocketed as the wallet was safely tucked into my front waistband, making it invisible (and inaccessible) to everyone around me. Genius!

The other great advantage the product has over others is its level of convenience! I have gotten myself into the habit of wearing the Covert Clip everyday now meaning that I no longer need to use my wallet at all. I clip it onto my trousers every morning and keep it on myself the whole day, and into the night. This completely eliminates any worry I might have about misplacing my stuff as I’ve always got my keys, money, cards, phones, and (occasional) condom safely tucked in 24/7. Thus, I can certainly relate to their tag line: “Always with you. Safe and easy”.

In terms of looking at the product from an overall perspective, I’m honestly trying my hardest to criticise it in some way, but I’m seriously struggling!  The one minor flaw is that it’s designed to be functional so it’s quite bland in its basic black. But that being said, it’s tucked in so you can’t see it. In addition, each wallet comes with a strap that enables it to be worn over the shoulder, or belted outside around one’s waist.

So, whether you’re looking to go travelling, head to a music festival or simply looking for an alternative (or in my mind, an upgrade) to your regular wallet, I would most definitely recommend the Covert Clip wallets! You can pick up your wallet from the site linked here and don’t forget to quote the discount code ‘DEAL10’ for 10% off!

By Ollie Moulton

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