Pompey’s Victoria: Ruler of Pigeons

Attribution: Shaun Ferguson. Picture sourced from: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/771437

Since 1903 Queen Victoria has stood tall in the heart of Portsmouth. Shrouded in bronze and glaring at her opposing lion guards, she shows no signs of backing down. The city’s pigeons seem to be in full support of this.

Those who frequently pass by her Guildhall Square residence will notice how her admirers flock to her paved courtyard. Some of these loyalists are renowned for dropping gifts upon her, many of which she wears proudly on her shoulders as emblems of her reign.

Her loyal subjects have been unable to comment as they appear to be frozen in awe. Witnesses to the mass celebration of the stone erected monarch report that her feathered-followers are “oblivious to the constant movement around them”.

The longest serving pigeons amongst the crowd can be identified in every quarter of the hour with the striking of the clock. The newer birds take flight briefly, while the more experienced loyalists may only blink when the chimes ring.

There also seems to have been a city-wide weight increase for the pigeons. The cause of this is unclear as there have been zero witnessed accounts of them pausing their admiration to stop for a bite to eat. Some believe their gaze with the statue, which has been named the ‘Victoria Gaze’, transmits the minimal energy they need to stand and stare.

Please take caution when entering the area. The allowance of flash photography has been temporarily suspended as local experts fear the sudden light may paralyse the pigeons.

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