Eight Female Comedians That You Need To Know About

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1) Iliza: How did I not know this woman before Netflix?! She is hilarious! She somehow brings science into comedy, but not in a weird way.  She will have you crying with laughter whilst talking about what men and women are scientifically attracted to.  She uses her whole body and voice to tell her jokes.  Check her out on Netflix, Iliza Confirmed Kills.

2) Amy Schumer: You probably know who Amy Schumer is.  If you haven’t seen her TV show, you’ll have seen her movie Trainwreck… or at least seen that time she hung out with Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari and Jennifer Lawrence.  However, she has just released a new show on Netflix “The Leather Special” It is all new, all classic Amy Schumer Jokes.  And it’s perfect.

3) Ali Wong: She is fierce.  She is powerful.  And she is doing this comedy show 7 months pregnant.  Just watch Ali Wong Baby Cobra on Netflix now!

4) Luisa Omielan: She rose to fame with a crazy successful show at Edinburgh Fringe and finally filmed one of her shows for the BBC.  “What Would Beyoncé do?”  She tackles some really dark issues, some fun issues all to Beyoncé songs.  She is down to earth, yet brilliantly funny.

5) Cristela Alonzo: Another one I only discovered because of Netflix and I am grateful. She can make anything that has happened in her life into a comedy.  Her story about buying a bag, just because a saleswoman gave her a dirty look is too real.

6) Katherine Ryan: A woman as obsessed with Beyoncé as Luisa Omielan, and equally as fabulous.  She talks about being a mum, dating and how girls from your hometown are bitches.  Inspirational life quote: “You bitches aren’t normal, you’re ordinary. It’s different.” Check out In Trouble on Netflix now

7) Aisling Bea: She is an Actor and Comedian.  You’ve undoubtedly seen her on any comedy show ever.  And she has just become the first female captain on  8 out of 10 Cats.

8)    Lane Moore:  She writes female empowerment sex articles for Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker and The Onion.  She is a comedian, actor, writer and musician.  And her show Tinder Live is amazing.  Legit anything has and can happen when you’re using tinder with an audience.  If you have ever used Tinder, you need to see this!

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