10 Things You Learn Living in Langstone Student Village

So, you’ve just found out you got into halls, Langstone Halls to be more precise. Throughout the year you’ll go through a roller-coaster of emotions: hating university because you have to get up 20 minutes earlier than everyone else but loving university because you have your own little community to ease you in. Here are ten things you’ll find you’ve learned by your final days at Langstone.

Forget about a room with a view.

When they send you a picture of QEQM Tower with your halls acceptance e-mail, you’re not living in the tower. Say goodbye to your dream of living in a room with an ocean view, you’re probably living in the blocks.

The “chicken” roast dinners are far from chicken my friend.

It’s quite questionable how much meat is actually in the chicken. When coming home from an exhausting day at university, don’t expect your meal to fill you up: 20 minutes tops before you’re after a pot noodle.

Weekend fry-ups will be your guardian angel.

Hangovers are hell. You’ll find yourself heading to the Village Hall only to find stingy Roz treating you to one slice of bacon, one sausage, and powdered scrambled eggs. But yes, it’s all you want when you’re hanging.

Forget about borrowing meal tickets from your friends.

Roz is there waiting to pounce. She will want your halls ID. Not that it matters. At the end of the semester, you’ll find yourself selling your spare meal tickets anyway.

Drunk bus rides are THE best.

You’ll pre until 10:30, walk to the bus stop for the 10:40, and get on the bus in an absolute frenzy. Football chants, songs, and trying to stay upright on a moving bus after a bottle of wine. Or two.

There’s always a block that throws a party that gets shut down by 11pm.

And only at that point will you be so grateful you weren’t invited.

Single file pre-drinks is a thing.

Forget drinking in a communal area gathered around a table. It’s the corridor or outside…

Yes, some of your flatmates will hook up.

It is inevitable that two of your flatmates will get together. The question is will they turn into the block couple or will they never speak to each other again?

Post and packages go to the reception.

When you’ve ordered a parcel, you’ll be checking your university email account religiously until it arrives.

Your family is more than just your floor/flat.

Whether you’re in the blocks as a family or have a floor family in Langstone East or West, you’ll grow to love them; until second year when you’ll spend all your time trying to unfriend all your ‘friends’ from the first year.

Despite everything, Langstone will become your home and to everyone who says even the smallest thing to slate it, you will get very defensive of your family-like community!

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