TV Review: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

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Is it wrong to take entertainment from other people’s suffering? Well, those suffering in question happen to be twelve celebrities trapped in an Australian jungle. With little food, big egos, and jungle critters, there’s no wonder the reality show is called I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

With this year’s new line up confirmed and the rumours squashed, the much-anticipated wait is almost over and we get to see a bunch of brand new celebs try new cuisines, take on bush tucker trials, and entertain us all with captivating conversations with Kiosk Keith.

The A-list celebrities in this year’s line-up include Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt, ex-footballer Wayne Bridge, and Strictly Come Dancing professional Ola Jordan… maybe not so A-list after all. Despite this, the potential for entertainment remains – maybe Trump could fill the role of hated politician. I’m sure we’d all love to see that!

I have to say that I am not usually a big fan of celebrity programs. They never fail to depict a bunch of celebrities with big personalities and a craving for the spotlight – a recipe for disaster. Though that’s the only recipe these celebs will need – how can rice and beans get any better? Saying that, ITV has managed to put a good spin on the mundane concept of celebrity reality shows. I mean, how can watching Katy Price attempt to eat a fish eye not be hilariously entertaining?

Admittedly, the show does have shallow elements with the promise of money to all that participate, as well as the boost of fame each contestant gets. Yet, the opportunity to watch celebrities battle snakes, rats, and cockroaches to win crocodile feet for dinner doesn’t come around very often. Not too different from the lifestyle they are used to I guess.

The real entertainment of the show has to be the presenting duo, Ant and Dec. Mocking each other and the celebrities, they definitely add an element of comedy as they will never fail to make you laugh. Though, let’s be honest – watching Helen Flanagan dress up as a gnome whilst fake fishing will do that too.

Making friends and enemies, losing weight, and conquering fears – it’s a lot to achieve in three weeks – and we get to see it all! The show really is very entertaining. Despite the gruelling and slightly humiliating challenges, the celebrities (for the most part) seem to really enjoy themselves – and so do we. Who would have thought that bugs, screams, and tears would amuse us so much – it sounds like the making of a terrible horror movie. Yet, it manages to brighten up our TV screens for three weeks every year.

Pug Rating: 5/5


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