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Marvel continues to produce films at a frightening rate; Dr Strange is one of these films, continuing the expanding and all-pervasive MCU (Marvel Comic Universe). Now I have had an issue with this production line style development in the past, with a large proportion of the MCU’s latest offering making me feel cold. Dr Strange, however, is one of the better offerings from that said production line in the last couple of years.

The film itself was visually stunning, well shot and with an exceptional use of computer-generated images, creating a kaleidoscopic experience that was, if anything, highly entertaining. The film itself was also exceptionally cast, with: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton all performing aptly, moreover, Benedict Wong and Rachel McAdams also had interesting cameo appearances. On the whole, the performances in Dr Strange were respectable, with most of the cast pulling their weight with workmanlike dedication.

However, thematically Dr Strange still had issues. Marvel’s continuing fault of creating less than impactful villains continued, and while Mads Mikkelsen performed well, the reveal of a larger more pervasive evil, later on, did limit what he could do, and reduce the influence that he and indeed his character could have on the film as a whole. The pacing of the first and third acts also felt a little off and could have done with some alteration as both dragged until their completion.

Dr Strange while being one of the MCU’s better offerings of late still lacked in areas that are key to creating a truly great movie, I do not believe that pieces of cinema should be judged by a different rubric because they are an adaptation of a popular comic book or fictional universe, as such a three out of five pugs can be seen as fair appraisal.

Pug-Rating: 3/5 Pugs




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