Places In Portsmouth Review: Pie And Vinyl

Picture taken by Patrik Toth

Whether you have just arrived or have already spent a few years in Portsmouth, you must have heard of Pie & Vinyl – a small, independent record café, specializing in pie and vinyl. Rather self-explanatory. But it’s also magical.

Pie & Vinyl is a lovely little place and I absolutely encourage you to visit. It’s located in Southsea, 61 Castle Road, within a walkable distance from the University buildings. Just bear in mind that the thing with popular spots is they often have limited space, and you might not be able to get a table right away. But even if you are seated at the tiniest table right in the corner, it’s still an enjoyable experience. If Pie & Vinyl is busy (and that’s very likely), your preferred choice of pie won’t take long to arrive either. Whether that be the traditional savoury option or perhaps a sweet choice. They also have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options – because who doesn’t in this day and age?

On the other side of the café, there’s the record shop with a wide range of music from your favourite classic rock heroes to lesser-known masterpieces for you to browse. Although bringing your vinyl-listening habits to university is somewhat of a luxury, melomaniacs will be able to fit new records into their budget. And there’s even cassette tapes, if that’s something you’re into.

Pie & Vinyl is one finely embellished establishment. Shelves and cupboards are crammed with vintage memorabilia, old record players and there’s even the odd stuffed heron looking down on the hungry customers. They have even bothered to decorate the restroom with quirky murals (my favourite has to be the cat peering over the doorway), which is not typical for most cafés as they’ll likely have a claustrophobic chamber with a dirty toilet seat, sickly smelling of a lemon-scented air freshener. So extra points for that!

Visit Pie & Vinyl, eat some pie with mash and gravy, drink a cup of coffee, and browse some records – that’s one of your lazy afternoons sorted!


Pug-Rating 4/5 pugs


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