How To – Turkey Carving

Seeing most people of my generation carve a turkey is vaguely distressing for me, here’s a quick guide for those of you cooking a house Christmas dinner!

  1. Remove the strings binding the legs together.
  2. Remove the legs and the thighs, cur down where the breast meets the drumstick, push down with your carving knife, and pull away the leg and thigh meat (you may wish to use a paper towel).
  3. Spate the drumsticks, cut through the joint that connects the leg with the thigh.
  4. Remove the wishbone, find he wishbone at the front end of the breast and remove it.
  5. Remove the breast meat, cut along the breast bone and slice downwards.
  6. Remove the wings.
  7. Break the primal cuts down further to more manageable portions.


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