How to Decorate your Halls this Christmas

The Coca-Cola advert is on – you know what time it is. Somehow 2016 has passed and Christmas is coming! Here are some tips on how to decorate your halls and put you in the Christmas spirit on a budget.

Christmas cards draped over string

I guarantee that you will get Christmas cards sent from every family member. So what better way to show them off by doing it in the Christmas tradition of hanging them on a string? This will be a great way to put your halls in the Christmas spirit!

Paper snowflakes

I’m sure you will have loads of left over paper that you were sure you would use this term, but instead of writing notes you will use it to create paper decorations. Whether it’s snowflakes or snowmen they will be great to hang up and stick on your windows and walls.

Paper chains

Again, the paper will be key for this decoration. Previously I have used the wristbands that were always given to us in halls that we never used. Hanging them from the ceiling across the room will give it that festive feel and replace the traditional Christmas garland.

The tree

No one can really afford a real tree (unfortunately) so a fake one will have to do. Previously I’ve bought a ‘mini’ tree from Asda for £5 which was good for when you’re in halls. Asking your family members if they have an old tree they don’t want can save you the pennies and still give you your own Christmassy feel. You can buy cheap decorations from Wilko or Poundland that will easily brighten up your tree.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to have the best first Christmas away from home!

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