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University is about exploration, finding out who you are and who you want to be. So why choose openly to stay in the area surrounding your halls of residence? Portsmouth is a great city, full of hidden gems with fantastic thriving culture, nightlife and gastronomy, all of which is accessible from and fairly local to the Guildhall Halls of residences’. Southsea in particular is a wonderful part of your university city to explore, containing everything that a precocious young fresher could hope for! So, here at Pugwash magazine we are happy to give you a guide to Southsea, a guide for the exploration of your new university city.



Southsea is a veritable paradise for the alcohol enthusiast. With bars, pubs and clubs of all types, shapes and sizes, with most of these being located in and around the vicinity of Albert Road it’s always easy to turn one drink into a bar crawl! My personal favourite bar in Southsea is The One Eyed Dog, which is located conveniently along Elm Grove and has a wide range of drinks and offers, as well as stellar DJ nights and a bohemian vibe, a true student bar.  Moreover, there’s a bevy of fantastic Bars, Pubs and Clubs in the vicinity of Albert road, which includes  (but is not limited to) The Fat Fox, The Atrium, Al Burrito, The Honest Politician and Porters.  Southsea truly is a food and drink utopia.



As mentioned previously Southsea is a veritable wonderland for the gastronomically inclined, with student friendly restaurants and fine dining establishments littering this small section of our great city!  Students need not fear, Southsea is truly great for dining on a dime, with many student friendly establishments in the area, such as The Akash, Al Burrito and Pie and Vinyl, as well as many others.  Also, if your tastes are more refined then there’re plenty of options available, such as Koh and Monty’s. Southsea is the south-coast foodie Mecca; from burgers at 6oz to pizzas at Circolo you cannot escape the quantity and quality of culinary establishments available to new students!


Culture and Entertainment –

There’s always plenty to do in our corner of the south coast, and Southsea embodies this wholly, with plenty to see, do and explore. Whether you want to take in a show at the Kings Theater, or a gig at The Wedgewood Rooms or the Pyramid Center, culture is always accessible at your doorstep.  If taking in the culture isn’t really your thing you can always walk down to Southsea Common or even Clarence Pier, with room for a cheeky BBQ and plenty of rides, arcades and attractions, there’s always something to do in the United Kingdom’s only island city.


But don’t take it from me, the university experience is about exploration, finding out who you are, what you want to be or become and so I can only guide you in your new home, the rest is up to you to find and explore!

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