Night out Know-How: Portsmouth’s Best Student Nightlife

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Calling all freshers! Welcome to the University of Portsmouth and its half decent nightlife. Although we may not be the highest ranked university in all the land (although still not bad, top 50-ish I’ll have you know), we know how to treat our students when the sun goes down and the drinks start flowing. There are genuinely more highs than lows when it comes to a night on the town in Portsmouth and it will be my utmost pleasure to share them with you now!

In my opinion, Tuesday night at Astoria is the best night of the week. Besides the questionable name of the event that I’m sure you’re aware of (it rhymes with flirty cisco), this night has it all. You’ll find the cheapest drinks of the week and arguably the finest music. Speaking of music, to get the best out of Tuesday’s I would recommend going every once in a while. I know it sounds silly having just said that it’s the highlight of the week but unfortunately the variety of tracks played, although of a high calibre, is somewhat limited and songs are often repeated each week. Friday’s at Astoria are also a good time, the club opens up its smoking area to join with neighbouring bar Lyberry. Friday’s can get hectic so I would recommend using Lyberry as a way of getting into Astoria. Enjoy a drink and a dance while you’re there though, Lyberry is a great little venue that you could easily spend all night at if you wanted to.

As for the best of the rest, the two other main clubs in Portsmouth are Liquid and Envy and Tiger Tiger. Located within close proximity of Guildhall, Liquid and Envy boasts a large single room with a vast dance floor and themed decorations such as classic disco balls and impressive light shows. Music here is good and Liquid is renowned for having regular guest DJ’s. The best in recent memory has to be Lethal Bizzle who provided perfect accompaniment to what was a spookily alcoholic Halloween. Tiger Tiger in Gunwharf Quays is the place to go if you’re feeling unusually adventurous on a Monday night. This club has a great aesthetic with a variety of themed rooms but I can’t remember a night where I haven’t felt as cramped and sweaty as being stuck between two rather portly individuals on a long-haul flight. Nevertheless, Tiger is still fun and you should make sure you check it out.

If clubbing’s not your thing then there are loads of great pubs on Albert Road and the surrounding area in Southsea. Names that spring to mind include the One-Eyed Dog, The Honest Politician and the Fat Fox but there is certainly enough to wet your whistle on a debaucherously fun pub crawl or whatever you’re into. Lastly but certainly not least, have fun out there but please remember to drink responsibly, you’ve got to get a degree out of this remember!

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