Jamie T, Live at Portsmouth Guildhall

I had only heard good things about Jamie T live, from my friends that have been lucky enough to see him (and his supporting band) at gigs and festivals and other events, he did not disappoint. I’d booked tickets for the third of October well over a month in advance and my tentative anticipation had been building, I would’ve been devastated if the gig had been poor, or indeed lackluster in any way. Thankfully the performance at Guildhall was fantastic and deserves credit and admiration for a truly well-rounded performance.

The support were fine, just like literally every other support band you’ve ever seen, pleasant and almost grunge centric with a nice distortion on the majority of tracks they played. However I do use the term “they” because they were exactly that, an unremarkable support band who I do not remember at the time of writing this review (circa two days after the gig), they were palatable enough though. But honestly who actually goes to a gig for the support!

The main act however was immensely memorable, with classics like: The Prophet, Sheila, Sticks and Stones and Man’s Machine being interspersed with new material such as the fantastic tinfoil boy, leading to a balanced and vociferous live experience. Jamie also excellently managed an otherwise placid crowd, generating an electric atmosphere and at times forcing crowd engagement, jeering audience and dominating the stage, in all honesty you’d struggle to find better live act coming to this city in the next twelve months, simply excellent.

While the price may have seemed steep on purchase (over twenty pounds is still a large amount for a regional gig IMO) I did not regret my purchase of the tickets, bank account be damned for Jamie T delivered a fantastic set and live experience. Afterall I would’ve been devastated if the gig had been poor, or indeed lackluster in any way, But the experience was well worth the financial expenditure and sticky Guildhall floors, I would highly recommend anyone with the opportunity to go and see him (and his band) do so immediately.

Pug-Rating: 4/5 Pugs






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