How to Uni House: A Brief Survival Guide

You thought halls was memorable? Just you wait until second and third year! On paper moving into your own place with your new best mates sounds like heaven on earth, and I promise you it is. I can almost guarantee that your Uni house will provide you with even more great memories to add to the collection but just like in Halls, things can go wrong if you don’t (loosely) respect some basic rules and regulations. In order for things to run smoothly I shall now share with you some scenarios that might pop up in the often manic and unpredictable situation of living in a University house.

Sharing a house with others means that you will get to know each other inside out. Before long and probably without even realising it, you’ll know who’s walking down the corridor when you’re in the living room and whom you’re most likely to see first thing. It is the latter here that brings us towards our first point of interest. We’re all different in the mornings, but my first piece of advice would be to learn just how different you all are on those early starts when it feels like your brain is buffering. Some will be upbeat and perky but most (including myself), will be grumpy and perplexed with any question more complicated than ‘how did you sleep?’ These first conversations can impact your whole day so perhaps save that insatiable wit for the group chat.

Coming next is a biggie so listen up! Amongst the constant stresses of actually attending university on a regular basis, a messy house is just something that shouldn’t have to feature in our lives. Home should be a place of rest and relaxation, not somewhere that resembles a low key crack den! Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that everything should remain spick and span 100% of the time, but just having some consideration for those around you is all it takes. It’s completely understandable that you and your housemates will have different schedules and of course, most will be smart enough to prioritise work over washing up that dodgy pasta bake that you’ve cobbled together. Just don’t let work become an excuse to not do it, try to think about it as some down time or maybe make a rota with your housemates!

I don’t know about you guys but the times where you could stay up talking until 4am in halls feel like a distant memory. Second and third year require as close to a normal sleeping pattern as you can manage and this can cause issues in your house. Paper thin walls means that you have to be careful with the noise you make in the small hours. I have been hushed for singing too loudly but rather more hilariously it’s often the creaking of beds and the gyration of hips that causes sleep to be lost. Single and sleep deprived, this is how not to Uni house.

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