How to survive an all-nighter

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In an ideal world you’ll get your work done well in advance and feel great, prepared even.  In the real world however, this never goes to plan.  Whether it’s because this one project slipped your mind or because you have two deadlines on the same day, you will probably end up pulling an all-nighter at some point over the next year.  These things can be lethal, so here are some top tips for survival.

Bring Friends:  The first mistake people make is to try and do it alone.  THIS IS A MISTAKE! Whilst it is possible that other people can distract you, they can actually keep you motivated, particularly if they also have a deadline to meet. Plus, at three o’clock in the morning, you’re going to need some moral support to keep you going.

Create an Epic Playlist:  You are going to be up all night and you need to keep pumped that whole time!! So create a playlist of all your favourite songs to keep you going.  Put all your guilty pleasure songs on there, if you have a study playlist, add that in! One more thing, make sure it’s available offline, as the Eduroam Wi-Fi can be temperamental.

All the Snacks: Food and drink will keep your energy levels up, helping you to avoid falling asleep in the library.  Treat yourself to your favourite snacks and drinks (I personally love chocolate peanuts).  And whatever you do, don’t drink alcohol.  Whilst it can be tempting, alcohol is actually a depressant and will make you sleepy, which is the last thing you want.

Master the Art of the Power Nap: You should start this now, because these things are lifesavers.  Imagine; it’s four o’clock in the morning and you still have four more pages to write, but you keep drifting off and you can feel sleep pulling you in. The ability to take a ten-minute nap and then carry on, re-energised, is a MIRACLE!! This can also be used during the following day to survive.

So there you have it, some of the finest snippets of advice to make that all-nighter as bearable as it can possibly be! Remember, we want more than anything for you to never need to refer to this particular advice. But, should you find yourself burning the midnight oil, let your friendly study buddy Pugwash help you through the night.

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