How To: Make Halls Your Home.


University is probably your first time living away from home and it feels so alien at first. Whether you’re in halls or in a house, you basically have one room which you will spend the majority of the year living in.  Here’s how to make that place your new home.


  • Pick a Theme: Whether it’s a colour or something like movies or music, this will be the basis for your room.  If you pick a colour, get bed sheets, cushions and towels all in that colour.  If it’s a movie, put up some posters on your pin board.  These little things that you pick make it yours.


  • Get Organised: I don’t care what anyone says, Pinterest is essentially a to -do list with pretty pictures. So, if you want to stay organised and make a room that feels like home, create a Pinterest  Plus, the layout style of Pinterest means you can see if everything you want works together.


  • Get Your Home Comforts: Use the same laundry capsules that you use at home, get your favourite pillow or even buy the same cutlery as you have at home. Homesickness hits everyone at some point and it’s the little things that make it easier to deal with.


  • Get Motivated: There will come a point when you start to question if you can get through your next exam or if you can even stay at university. Keep things that remind you to keep going. In my case, I took all the cards I got from friends and family to congratulate me for getting in to University. You worked so hard to get here, its important to not lose motivation now!

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