Drowning Lessons

Let’s fill our boots with sand to spite our future selves,

Write raw feelings into raw flesh,

Kiss forgiveness in words we are yet to understand.

Let’s use sea spray and driftwood to carve new souls,

Run not like young children, but ghosts,

Scream our hollow hearts to our threadbare feet.


Let’s mist over sad eyes, tear open weathered souls,

Tint sorrow on each other’s cheeks,

Snatch our fleeting youth from one another,

Let’s touch with the fragility of your first day

And my last mottled attempt at wholeness,

Our tired eyes sink into eyelids, we allow ourselves to drift.


Let’s banish ourselves; swallow true tangled words whole,

Whispering to our seemingly endless tale,

So it melts into dusk: I know you won’t be here by dawn.

Let’s hold each other like we never encountered

Each other’s rib cages, or our

Disposition to trip over our own aching lungs


Let’s never paint compulsive love onto our necks,

But build a house of glass

To turn to ruins for each time our eyes flicker shut.

Let’s drink each other’s words like holy water,

Skim our sadness across futures,

And regret it more than allowing drowning before.


I love each morsel of him,

Oh please just swim.


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