How to NOT fuck up Valentine’s Day

So, you’re hopeless at that whole romance thing? Or perhaps you just don’t believe in Valentine’s Day? (Don’t be that guy). Maybe you’re just stuck on what to do. Let’s be honest, all the flowers and boxes of Milk Trays in the world will not compete with a good meal. So, I’m going to teach you how to smash your Valentine’s meal and have a great evening!

  1. Always pre-book. If you’re thinking of going out, book, you’re an adult now. Turning up to Frankie and Benny’s at half seven with no reservation is a big no, no. So IF you are going out, try and book somewhere nice.
  2. Or you can cook (which is what I will be doing). Try and cook to within your limits. If you can only cook pasta, do that. A good home cooked meal is incredibly romantic and is a greater gesture than anything monetary.
  3. Pair your wine. Something simple that goes a long way; if eating out ask the Sommelier for his or her recommendation for you or your partner’s meal, it goes a long way. If you’re cooking your meal, look at the recommended pairings on the bottle, and try not to fuck things up by getting a bottle of white to go with your steak.
  4. Create an ambience. If you’re going out, try to get a good table and not go somewhere too dead, or indeed too heaving, try and find a good middle ground. If at home think romance, candles, “good” music (think Sinatra), clean plates and flowers.


Follow these steps and you’ll be okay. Try to wear a shirt, look your best and of course remember to fucking smash it.

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