Yik Yak Thursdays 2 – Students Reactions to #YCL69

Welcome to the second edition of Pugwash’s new weekly column, Yik Yak Thursdays. As consistent users of the social media platform Yik Yak, we’ll bring you the funniest and best Yaks from across the University of Portsmouth for your amusement and make them Pugwash famous. This column is as about as unpredictable as the social network itself.

Talking of unpredictable, as I was preparing the Yaks of the week, I found that Yik Yak was buzzing over an incident that happened in the university library. An incident that is now being described by everyone as #YCL69. An incident that we ended up covering. If you’re confused by what this is all about, do not fear as we have you covered, just click the link here.

The Yaks from this incident almost deserved a whole Yak of the week to itself, so as well as delivering you our standard Top 5 Yaks of the week, we will also be giving you Yik Yak’s reaction to #YCL69

Yaks of the Week

1. Try living with spots before, during and likely after uni…

IMG_00212. The real question should be; “How the fuck did you even manage to do that in the first place?!”


3. In my case it’s three weeks.


4. Probably the most viral Yak of the past week.


5. The effects of drugs everyone.



As a special edition of sorts, here are just a few of the responses Yik Yak had to the incident.

1. For those that managed to see the Tumblr before it got taken down…


2. Preach it.


3. I don’t think you can…


4. We’re just as shocked as you.


5. The play on words is top class.


So there you have it, a double bonanza of Yak of the week. Be sure to check back with Pugwash next week where we will resume our regular service  of Yik Yak Thursdays!

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