The Most Un-Typical Uni Advice

Going to university can be the most exciting and shit scary thing you will do in your life. Everyone prepares you for freshers flu, how poor you’ll be and that there’s a LOT of drinking involved. However, no one seems to give advice on what it’s like when you get there. Having been at Uni for over a year now, I have picked up a few tricks that have definitely helped me believe that I’m adjusting to adult life better than I actually am.

Your freezer will be your best friend

As soon as you move into halls or a house take control of the freezer. Everyone will start the year off buying fresh food and bragging about how healthy they are, but I guarantee you by the end of the year they will join you with their pile of curly fries and cheap chicken nuggets in the battle for freezer space.

Cleaning is a waste of time

Every time I move into a new place everyone agrees that we WILL keep this house tidy. Within an hour the new rule is broken. The washing up hasn’t been done, the toilet is yet to be flushed and has anyone even heard of a Hoover? I have cleaned the entirety of my house before and within 5 minutes of finishing someone has cooked, a drink has been spilt and there’s bits of food on the floor. The only time you will ever properly clean is when there’s an inspection, a house viewing or your parents are coming over. Otherwise there is literally no point.

On-line food shopping is the way forward

When you move into halls for the first time it’s almost an initiation that you and your flat go out to the local supermarket together and do your first food shop. This is all fine for the first few times but after a while you start spending money you don’t have on unnecessary items such as real ketchup. On-line shopping will help you save money by actually seeing how much you spend before spending it and allows you to stop impulse buying.

Dressing yourself when feeling shit 

Girls, this one is really for you. My friend suggested that having a simple day dress to wear when hung over is the best find of the year for her. It looks like you’ve dressed up and made an effort, when really you want to sink into a hole and die from the night before. Boys I’ve heard that a snap back and hoodie is the new hangover outfit for guys or that just seems to be the fashion for you at the minute.

It’s never too late for dinner

Get in from lectures at 6 – Dinner time. Get in from a night out at 2 – Dinner time. Any time of the day can be dinner time. Everyone’s life at uni can be hectic and can make having a schedule for meals very hard. After living with my mum for too many years dinner was always at 6 no earlier or later, so when coming to uni eating at 8 o’clock was very liberating. It is always an acceptable time to eat.

Take the exact money for entry so you can’t spend money out

When you’re trying to save money so you can eat, but still have a good time this has to be the best tip. Taking the exact money out so you can’t spend anything extra is the best way to stop those accidental ‘how did I spend £20 last night’ moments.

Making a chat with people on your course will help!

This one may be considered typical advice, but it is something I would recommend. Making a chat with people from your course will help you so much during those difficult moments such as when coursework is due in and you have no idea what to do. That way you can all talk about how screwed you are and attempt to help each other out.


Everyone believes that they’re going to be more productive at home. This is not true. As soon as you get home you put on your pyjamas, your bed starts to call you and next thing you know is that you’re having a Netflix and chill session where the chill is a big bowl of popcorn. Staying at uni is the only way to get work done. There’s no distractions and at least when you actually go home you have no work to do!

Host pres for free alcohol

Everyone leaves drink at pres. It’s just a habit. So hosting them is the best way to get free alcohol. By the end of the night there’s always about a bottle of vodka left over, which is free game to anyone who claims it. This will definitely be handy for those who can’t afford to pre anymore.

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