Slaves at The Pyramids Centre- Freneticism incarnate

The punk duo have certainly taken the airways by storm, becoming Radio One regulars, I did not fully expect their performance to match the perpetually growing hype, but I was wrong. To call Slaves’ recent performance at the Pyramids Centre (16th November) a gig, or a show would be disingenuous, for it was the living embodiment of freneticism. They perfectly captured the mood of their debut album, being angry and present, overwhelming the listener, allowing them to just let go. The live experience is no different; it was a truly wonderful exercise in the art of physical performance.

However, if you are looking forward to the support, I can only say that they are not to the standard of the main act. They appear to be the kind of punk band your disillusioned geography teacher may join. This however did not spoil the evening, if anything the main acts were elevated even more and were simply spectacular. The show at the Pyramid’s Centre was exceptional. A live experience that I cannot more highly recommend; if you are fortunate enough to have tickets to any of the remaining dates for their already sold out UK tour, then you have quite the gig to look forward to, if not they have further shows at the end of the year.

Moreover, perhaps what I enjoyed most about the Slaves gig experience is not the music, although it was performed impeccably, it is the physicality, the mosh pit, the jumping around, the losing yourself in the moment, losing yourself in the music. I could not, at a gig like that, sit on the sidelines and nod my head or go to the very front and jostle to be near the band. The best experience is in the middle, throwing others around and being thrown around yourself. It’s a ‘take your top off and jump on people’ kinda gig, not sit on the side-lines or at the back and record on your phone. It is an active experience, one that I highly recommend.

So if you have the opportunity to go and watch Slaves in a live setting I cannot recommend the experience highly enough. The gig was a fantastic one, it would be unfair to rate it out of ten, or out of five but it would be in the upper echelons of both. And as such I suggest that you cheer up, and do something, because this is a show that should not be missed.

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