Playstation Experience 2015: My Picks

So the second annual Playstation Experience (PSX) has come to a close, and I have gathered some of the important news from the keynote to keep you informed about all things Playstation.

  1. Uncharted 4 – So the keynote kicked off with a new sequence from Uncharted 4, showing a conversation between Mr Drake and his long-lost brother. A small reveal from this was the inclusion of conversation options not seen previously in the series, where Drake is asked about his adventures and 3 options are presented. How meaningful these conversation options may be time will tell but i have faith in Naughty Dog as they have not let me down yet, and while we wait the multiplayer BETA is now live if you own the Nathan Drake collection.
  2. Final Fantasy 7 – A new gameplay trailer was shown and it was off the chain! If I get any more hyped im going to go braver something in the general vicinity.
  3. Black Ops 3 – Playstation and Activision continue to strengthen ties with the announcement that the first DLC “Awakening” is coming early 2016, and will be available to Playstation owners first for 30 days before anyone else. This news was then followed with the announcement of the Call of Duty World League being partnered with Playstation, with a pool prize of 3 million US for first place which should be exciting to all the MLG fans out there.
  4. Battleborn – I talked a bit about this game from Gearbox Software when it surfaced at E3, and at PSX Randy Pitchford took to the stage to give more details of what looks like a potentially very fun game. So main things of note is the game will have 25 playable characters at launch with an open BETA dropping early 2016, with an additional character being created exclusively for any Playstation players who participate in the BETA which will be received at launch.
  5. King of Fighters XIV – I’m not a massive fan of fighting games, however for those of you who are KoF XIV has been announced as a PS4 exclusive with no date yet attached.
  6. NIOH – Another announced PS4 exclusive NIOH looks like Bloodborne but instead of a hunter you’re a samurai. The trailer for this game actually looked very good with a similar looking control dynamic to Bloodborne, so I will be eagerly anticipating more info along with a release date.
  7. Destiny – Due to the nature of what Destiny is, I was kind of expecting a new DLC announcement. However what we were actually shown was the Sparrow Racing League (SRL), which as many had called a while ago will finally introduce racing into Destiny. The races will take place over Mars and Venus, offer new armor pieces which are weak but perks look to aid racing, a new slot under sparrows for what looks like horn sounds and of course new sparrows. This will roll out on the 8th of December for 3 weeks, so I suggest you all get over there and make the most of it before it goes.
  8. Paragon – Actually my pick of PSX (other than Final Fantasy 7) Paragon by Epic Games is a third person MOBA which is short for Multiplayer Online Battle Area, which you may of heard of before as they are massive in the MLG scene with games like DOTA and League of Legends attracting massive crowds. What makes this unique? Well classically MOBA’s are the top down PC affair, and Paragon is a third person console affair resulting in much better graphics and hopefully new and interesting gameplay. An open BETA was announced for 2016 and I suggest you go give the trailer a check, as their use of the song Outro by M83 was perfect for getting me hyper and interested in trying a MOBA for the first time.
  9. Playstation VR – So the showing from the VR was a big premise for this years PSX, and I must say I am slightly disappointed in comparison to what was shown at E3. A few of the titles shown here like Golem and Eagle Flight are primarily exploration games which I don’t find particularly interesting, with the only VR games shown I thought looked fun or cool being Ace Combat 7 and Job Simulator 2050 archives. By no means was the VR showing terrible, I just felt it really did not pack the punch of a heavy hitting VR game like RIGS to push the hardware as legitimate over gimmick.
  10. What was missing? – So many people I have spoken to has come to the conclusion that PSX was good this year but not great, and left a lot of fans wondering where some announcements were. For example there are 2 key announcements that we all expected but did not get in the form of some God of War 4 love, and more importantly from Sony Bend and what they are working on. For all those who do not know Sony Bend is the company behind the Syphon Filter series and PS Vita ports like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and have been working on a mysterious exclusive for over a year promising to push the PS4 to a place it has never been before. Obviously this news got everyone excited and was majorly teased to be announced at PSX, alas we were all disappointed leaving me to think that the promise of that game could of been a pretty big game changer of PSX in terms of announcements.

So that’s my picks and bear in mind there will be a lot of announcements that people favoured e.g. Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom, however being a Playstation switcher from Xbox I never got to play Ni No Kuni so can’t be as crazed like many people I know. Along with this I left out a nice host of indie titles announced which you should definitely check out, as some of them are available via the store right now and look very cool. So what was your picks of PSX? did you enjoy the event as a whole? drop a comment and let me know, oh and if you want to see the whole event i have linked it below for your viewing pleasure.

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