Gig Review – FIDLAR

On the 10th November I saw skate-punk band FIDLAR play at the O2 Academy Bristol. Before the opening band even began, my very drunk friend had puked his guts up and wasn’t allowed back in. But that’s just the FIDLAR attitude their fans have, right? It seemed so, because he wasn’t the only one the staff at the O2 were looking after. Besides that, those who made it inside were introduced by Bully, an American punk rock band formed in Nashville. Bully were a suitable opener for FIDLAR because they carried the same “fuck it” attitude and succeeded in getting the crowd hyped. Songs like “Trying” and “Trash” especially got the crowd going, and ready for FIDLAR.

When FIDLAR came on and my friends got back from guiding our drunk pal back to the flat we were staying in, we were welcomed by the song “Stoke and Broke”. This got us excited because it meant that FIDLAR were playing stuff from both old and new albums, showing that they hadn’t abandoned the music many of their older fans fell in love with. The rest of their gig obviously included their new singles such as “40oz On Repeat” and “Drone”, but also material from their first album like “Cocaine”, “Cheap Beer” and “Wait for the Man”. Safe to say almost everyone in the packed venue seemed to know the lyrics to most of the songs played, old and new. People there who I spoke to were a mix of old and new fans: some who’ve been lucky enough to have seen FIDLAR 5 times, others had only just heard of them since the release of their new album in September.

This was the second time I had seen FIDLAR, the first time was at Reading festival this year. Unfortunately, my friend who we found passed out in the flat has yet to see them twice… So if you do see FIDLAR, make sure you get in that state AFTER the show, not before, because he missed out on one of the best gigs I’ve been to.

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