A Week With a Nokia

Let me begin this article by saying I am by no means a tech-smart person (so my issues have no scientific basis).  However, I am an idiot,  an idiot who smashed her beautiful, wonderful, amazing iPhone and thought it was a good idea to get a Nokia as a temporary phone.

I was wrong.

Quite truthfully this was the worst idea I’ve ever had.  So why did I think to do this in the first place? Well it was the cheapest phone in Tescos, costing only £20.  Furthermore, it is common knowledge Nokias are unbreakable – unlike my iPhone.  Thirdly, I thought it would be hilarious.  Which truthfully it was.  Until it became unbearably painful.  Here is a documentation of what it is like to live with a Nokia in 2015.

Day 1: Ok, this undoubtedly cool.  #throwbackthursday to the nineties when these were actually cool.  Was it the nineties or noughties?  Will people think I’m a hipster for using this? Or just trying to bring the Lizzie McGuire look back?  Please let it be that latter. Hilary Duff is queen!

Day 2:  Ok this is still pretty cool.  I don’t get how such a basic phone takes so long to set up, but I’m rolling with it.  I showed it at the Pugwash writers’ meeting and I kid you not, we actually stopped for 15 minutes just to marvel at the wonder of it.  I also got dared to throw my phone at a wall.  Given my track history, I think not.  One sad revelation is that it doesn’t have snake.  Is it a real Nokia phone without snake? I think not.

Day 3:  I’m beginning to suffer.  The novelty is beginning to fade.  It took me 10 minutes to send a text today.  10 MINUTES!!!  FML.  I could send a text in seconds on an iPhone.  I think I’m going to have to start using abbrieviations from decades ago.  Is ROTFL still a thing?

Day 4: OMG, I have actually started craving emojis!  You don’t realize how powerful they are until you loose them.  I’ve actually started doodling them across my notebooks.  How are people meant to know when I’m crying with laughter? Or when I’m joking? KMN!!!

Day 5: THIS PHONE IS KILLING ME. A friend is having a crisis.  I can’t reply immediately, so she panics more and I can’t keep up with all the questions and omg I can’t wait for this fresh hell to be over.

Day 6: Ok, so I decided enough is enough.  Last night I gave myself a lesson in speed typing.  Three clicks for a “c” is nothing now, I am so fast it’s amazing. LOL jokes.  Although, the Nokia has won some bonus points – I haven’t had to charge it since I got it.

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