Über comes to Portsmouth

The popular taxi and private car hire company Über is coming to Portsmouth.

The American company, which has already firmly established itself in the UK within London, Birmingham, Bristol, Sheffield and Edinburgh has announced that as of 4pm on Friday 13th November, residents of Portsmouth will be able to hire drivers from their smartphone app.

Über has received a lot of media coverage over the past few years since being founded. They have been subjected to numerous protests from taxi drivers around the world.

However, they have also proved to be one of the most dominant car hire apps in the market, fighting off rivals such as Hailo and Addison Lee, proving to be incredibly popular amoung consumers for their speed of collection as well as prices compared to other taxi firms.

For residents who want to try Über, the company is offering residents £15 off their first ride by using the code ’15PORTSMOUTH’.

What do you think of Über coming to Portsmouth? Will you be using the service? Let us know in the comments.

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