RAG Does First Dates

We all know the nerves of going on a first date.  Some of us know the nerves of going on a blind first date.  But how many of us can say we bravely ventured out and had a blind, first date on TV?

This is what some students experienced in RAG week.  During the week, RAG recreated the Channel 4, “First Dates” show all in the name of charity, and it was awesome! Students paid £20 for dinner and a blind date at Tiger Tiger.

The restaurant was beautifully set with gauze, roses and candles.  Quite truthfully my first thought when seeing the room was how could someone not fall, at least a little, in such a romantic setting.

The daters start arriving from 6ish.  Half of them were sent to one area of Tiger, the others to near the Tiki Bar.  This was to prevent the daters from meeting before their actual date.  I chatted to the daters to see how they were feeling, what they expect, etc.  They all seemed like really nice, funny people, who are excited for the experience.

Whilst the group went on their dates I got to hang out with the team who had put the event together and the group for UPSU TV, who were filming the event.  This led to general hilarity.  We all watched through the windows of the restaurant, seeing how each couple was doing.  I didn’t see one person who wasn’t having a good time.

As the daters came out, I caught up with them, whilst they walked to have their final interview. Although not all turned out to be a love match, a lot had met a new friend or rekindled with an old one.  It looked like they’d all had a great night, even if it hadn’t ended in romance.

I’m hoping that RAG do another event like this and can only recommend that you sign up!

Favourite quotes from the night:

“I’m full time homo”

“Worst case scenario the person kills puppies”

“If they use a chat up line there will be, like, tumbleweed”

“I’m more excited for the food than the date”

“The worst would be a sex dungeon”

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