Paris Games Week: Playstation 4 Highlights

With PlayStation holding their first ever conference at Paris Games Week, I look to condense the 2 hours and give you all the tasty information.

So Sony finally decided that Paris Games Week is a thing and turn up to impress the European masses with some tasty nuggets of information. This article will be relatively condensed as with really key announcements getting a little bit more talk time, so let’s get too it.

So the first area to talk about as written in my note pad (first time ever used voluntarily), will consist of current game announcements.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Really gunning for Microsoft, Sony announce that PlayStation owners will get access to all DLC map packs 30 days early over every platform.

Street Fighter 5: first bit of fighter platform news is that Dhalsim the yoga expert will be making a return to the World Warriors roster in the launch cast. Along with this 6 additional characters will be added within the first year of release obtainable via in-game currency, and a solid release date of February 16th 2016 has been set.

No Man’s Sky: One of the many games i can not wait to get my nerdy hands on and also mentioned in my top 7 games coming soon list which you will soon be able to read in Pug Wash issue 1, gets a cool new trailer and a slight elaboration on the release date going from “to be announced” to a June 2016 announcement.

Uncharted 4: One of the big ones, Naughty Dog gave us some more information regarding our favourite Han Solo/Tomb Raider love child. Finally we can now all pencil March 18th 2016 in to the diary as the official release date of Uncharted 4. However if you want to get in on the action early and have a Beta code either from an uncharted 4 pre-order or Nathan Drake collection, Naughty Dog have also announced the multiplayer Beta will go live December 4th till the 13th which from the new trailer looks awesome.

Ratchet and Clank: Another classic franchise made an appearance at Paris games week with a game trailer and release window of spring 2016

Bloodborn: Do you still crave some soul-destroying rage quits and a need to throw your controller out the window?, well luckily for you Bloodborn will be releasing the Old Hunters DLC on the 24th November so you can rage to your heart’s content.

So now lets look at the exclusive announcements from Sony’s conference

Tekken 7: Second of today’s fighter platform news, Tekken 7 has finally been announced as coming to the PS4, which was coupled with a swanky new trailer but lacked any information regarding a release window

Battleborn: Being made by the team that gave you Borderlands, Battleborn is a first person shooter seeming to keep the artistic style of the Borderlands games while adding a fresh take. With 25 playable characters having unique play styles and weapons along with plenty of modes including 5v5, this game looks potentially like a ton of fun and was one of the more exciting announcements of the conference

Detroit – Become Human (BH): So apparently the premise for the game came from a technical demo made to test a graphics engine in 2012, that managed to get over a million views. Vaguely remembering this existed and possibly watching it way back then, some are very excited to see Quantic Dreams the developer who gave you Heavy Rain return to bring you Detroit – Become Human. So for all you wondering Detroit BH continues from this technical demo where an Android named Kara is created, and when displaying emotion begins to be dismantled to which she avoids by begging for her life. This leads to the events of Detroit BH which is a futuristic version the named city, where androids are slaves a Kara is free to see the injustice highlighting some through provoking themes. Essentially this looks like I-Robot without Will Smith, having said that it does look very interesting and I beg you to check out the trailer as the graphics for this game are so good it’s mind-boggling.

Gran Turismo Sport: You do not have to be a car fan or even a PlayStation fan to acknowledge that Gran Turismo is a big deal to a lot of people, and is as important to Sony as Halo is to Microsoft. I will not lie to you my dear reader and tell you I am a car fanatic and love racing games, as in actual fact I can not drive and tend to get car sick. With that in mind Gran Turismo Sport is looking to do things unknown to the gamers such as announcing 2 annual tournaments, which winners will get to go to the International Auto-mobile Federation or FIA (it’s French) ceremony to collect awards alongside some of the biggest names in driving such as Lewis Hamilton.

So one thing that everyone was scratching their head about from E3 and Gamescom was, what is going on with Morpheus?. Well Morpheus which is the code name for PlayStation’s virtual reality (VR) headset actually got a ton of game mentions, which was even worthy enough to get a nice segment. So tech heads here are the games in development or that will be compatible with VR.

Eve Valkerie

London Heist

Battle Zone

Megaton Rainfall

Robinson – The Journey

Heavensward – Final Fantasy XIV

Street Fighter 5

Until Dawn – Rush of Blood

Now i have not been particularly sold on VR over augmented reality, but the next 2 things on this list look so good the potential to change my mind is real.

The Walk: A Sony film about the famous high-wire artist Philippe Petit who in 1974 walked a wire between the Twin towers, gets a VR experience where you the individual have to walk the same wire as seen in the film. Now it is hard to gauge whether i would faint like you see on the various YouTube VR clips from falling of the wire, but from the reactions of the participants in the trailer VR in movies finally seem a bit closer to reality.

RIGS – Mechanized Combat League: So this is the game that really made me pay attention to VR and in my opinion was the best announcement of the PlayStation conference. RIGS is very similar to the extremely successful E Sport Rocket League, which everyone should play and looks like a hybrid of machine combat and a ball sport. From the trailer you see people using the VR headset as a visor to look and aim in first person trying to jump through a circular goal, with what i assume will be a ball in order to score points and ultimately win the game at the end of a set time limit. It looks competitive, it looks intense but most importantly it looks crazy fun which may result in potentially getting my time and wallet on release.

So there you have it, obviously there was a lot more than this on show but alas I felt the verbalizing of trailers would not do the games justice. So if you would like to watch the conference in all of its 2 hour glory just scroll below, alternatively you can also YouTube search any of games mentioned in bold text to find individual trailers if your interested in a specific few. Don’t say i never do you any favours.




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