Album Review – Bring Me The Horizon: That’s The Spirit

Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH) are back. They’re back with an anthemic mix of electronic beats and sing-along choruses. This isn’t your old Bring Me. This is a sleeker, less aggressive mix of tracks that will still incite a messy mosh pit but also have their fans joining in with melodic and sometimes haunting vocals from Oli Sykes. This cleaner sound is the direction the band have been edging towards, with 2013 album Sempiternal setting the foundations, their sound overhaul has brought them that much closer to a more mainstream vibe. This seems to be working for them, more of their tracks have been played by Radio 1 (in the daytime!) than any other previous album.


They start strong with first track “Doomed”, a subtle use of alternative mediums quickly transforms into a swell of electric that encourages true investment in the mournful lyrics. Alternative intros with dramatic build up are the staple of the album. Popular “Happy Song” fits the bill, a heavy undercurrent and even a nod to old screamo Bring Me, even the use of a children’s chorus over the top (I kid you not) doesn’t ruin the gritty feel. The grittiest of all has to be “Blasphemy” a thunderous ode to a more traditional drum build and notably less electronic feel than the rest of the album. “Throne” is a personal favourite of mine. Comparisons have been made between this particular song and Linkin Park, particularly album Meteora (check this out if you don’t know it) however I feel they both encourage a feeling of empowerment and ability to do some major butt kicking should you have a rainy day. Follow this up with “True Friends” and you have a typical ‘I was wronged but now I’m better for it’ (to put it incredibly politely) that will be a mosh pit favourite for sure. BMTH has come the closest to straight up rock with “Run”, still touches of electric but possibly the furthest from the harsh sounds of the Bring Me the Horizon we knew and loved. “Oh No” ends the album tracklist, and it’s the last track I’ll mention. A textured chorus, hard hitting lyrics, brass section and sax solo… what more could you ask for?


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment of truth, is this album worth a listen? Well it’s arguably got less of a punch than old BMTH and maybe less originality as comparisons have been drawn with that of other bands. However, their older albums have been done. This is a more accessible sound that has allowed their recent popularity swell and still retained an enjoyable dynamic that I’ll admit to (attempting) singing along to with just as much enthusiasm if not more. So maybe there is no going back, Is it better than previous albums? It’s different, something new to try and it’s always good to keep going forwards, so I guess that’s the spirit kid.

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