Hang the Expense

Denis Bocquet - Flikr
Denis Bocquet – Flikr

Come one, come all, to my tale of woe.

It happened right here, not that long ago,

Toffs of such power did a terrible thing,

so shameful Big Ben refused to ring.

These ‘Hoorays’ were elected by you and by me,

to stand in great buildings, the land of the free.

To rule and govern with our interest at heart.

Instead took our trust, and tore it apart.

These men of great statue, educated stars,

wearing suits from Armani and driving large cars.

Took more than was given, more than they need

a wage from the treasury, picked our pockets with glee.

A game it was, who could claim the most,

around bowls of brandy each cad would boast

They fiddled the system and did so quite free

A system meant to protect you and me.

Intrepid reporters soon cottoned on

and published the sham, the blame freely shone.

Made public their lies and dirty deceit,

printed indiscretions’, each woeful receipt.

Those tweed-toting toffs in velvet towers,

sat smug on seats of thinly held power.

Claims for travel and holidays abroad

For biscuits they could easily afford.

Houses for ducks, a moat for their land,

three or four houses. Their lives were so grand.

Whilst people starved and begged on the street,

the poor were so poor, the ends could not meet.

They said ‘We are sorry. We did nothing wrong.’

They all sang the same, such a pitiful song.

The people revolted with anger so chilling,

for we knew the truth of these velveteen villains.

Named and shamed each and every one.

The boys in blue arrested some.

Every penny paid back, jobs lost, some to jail.

A lesson learned from this woeful tale.

Never bite the hand from which you feed.

A man is judged by his actions and deeds.

Don’t cross the people, the ones you protect,

or you may just find a noose round your neck.

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