Two Trees

There is a tree
Told to grow thick
So the wind would not break its branch
So it could grow leaves, so they’d match
And be able to cherish the warming sun
In a forest or a garden – hard to define
Most likely the latter
It looks like every other
But without roots; its leaves fake
The bark much thicker, it won’t shake

That tree is me
Thought that’s how it’s supposed to be
“At least I don’t have to fear the wind”
But the sun, it doesn’t know I’m here
For some reason, another tree does
Now I realise what a loss that was
Slowly suffocating in this armour
I want to tear it off and get warmer
No way to do it alone
The clasp is pinned to my bone
“Leave it to me,” the second tree says
I’m on my knees, praying for a success

Then the realization hits us both
And we are forced to make an oath
For the two trees are in different gardens
Separated by seas, forests, mountains
Perhaps it will help, having no roots
Bringing me closer to the good fruits

In this story, time is the villain
Sadly, so is my inner demon
I will struggle until it complies
Taking no shortcuts, if you’re the prize
Maybe there’s still a chance for me
Just don’t go, my inspiration tree


(I know what this poem is:
my first real

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