Album Review – Madeon: Adventure

Five years ago, Hugo Pierre Leclercq, better known by his stage name, Madeon, exploded onto the scene as a young fifteen year old, remixing The Killers and Pendulum as well as creating a mashup of 36 songs better known as ‘Pop Culture’. Over five years, he has released nine singles, he’s performed across the world in festivals including Ultra and Coachella, as well as becoming an acclaimed producer, holding production credits for the likes of Ellie Goulding and Lady Gaga. But it’s taken five years for him to finally give what fans have been craving for, a full length LP. Was it worth the wait?

Madeon has always been well known for his sample-heavy and upbeat approach to EDM music, and that shows more than it ever has before in this album. The instrumental tracks such as ‘OK’ and ‘Imperium’ are powerful, heart pumping tracks that are meticulously crafted to get you off your feet and dance no matter where you are.

There are also a number of collaborators on the vocally featured tracks which shows off Madeon’s production prowess. Featuring the likes of Dan Smith and Passion Pit. They lend great support to the album. Lead single’s ‘You’re On’ and ‘Pay No Mind’ are infectiously catchy. Meanwhile ‘Nonsense’ my personal favourite, just engrosses you in the song and leaves you wanting to spam replay for a good few years. They also break the mould from many other popular tracks by also being good lyrically. Most likely because they paid more than five minutes of time towards writing said lyrics.

Some tracks also show that Madeon isn’t afraid from trying new things while still maintaining his distinct sound signature. The best examples of this is ‘Innocence’ and ‘Home’; ‘Home’ is certainly the most personal, with Hugo singing himself. It’s a brilliant closing track and shows that he really can’t do much wrong.

Albums like this are very rare. From start to end you are sucked into his adventure, and you’re left feeling like one of the Doctor’s companions by the end of it, desperate for another adventure. Madeon has at long last given his fans what they wanted, and at the same time, made one of the greatest EDM albums of the past five years.

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