Movies to Look Out for This Year

2013 is a year to be excited for in terms of new movie releases. A surplus of movies are making their way onto our screens but this year what is to be most anticipated are the sequels and follow-ups to some of the biggest and well known films.

May sees a return of Robert Downey Jr. for the third instalment of Iron Man, whilst the Wolfpack    are back for the final instalment of the arguably repetitive, yet undoubtedly humorous The Hangover Part III.

For all the Pixar fans out there, summer 2013 will no doubt be an exciting one for you as a prequel and sequel to two massive films are being released. It has been ten years since the phenomenon that is Monsters Inc. was introduced to the world and in June it is back! Monsters University does exactly what it says on the tin. The prequel to the first film shows our favourite monsters Mike and Sulley experiencing University and is guaranteed to have you screaming with laughter.

The second big Pixar release to look forward to is Despicable Me 2, invading cinemas in July. The sequel is set to be just as entertaining as the first with Gru and his unpredictably hilarious minions returning for more thrilling antics.

Also returning this year is the second part of the of the book series turned film series, The Hunger Games. Catching Fire is due to be released in November and despite the long wait, judging by the success of the first film, it will be well worth it.

Two more sequels that are unfortunately a long way away are The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

After Martin Freeman’s recent success in the recently released The Hobbit, he returns again for the already eagerly awaited sequel, which sees Bilbo Baggins carrying on his adventure.

Will Ferrell also returns in the well-known, constantly quoted success that was Anchorman. The news spoof sequel looks promising and is set to be another huge success.

Clearly, judging by all of these up and coming movies, 2013 will be one for the cinema, one for the popcorn and most importantly one for staying entertained.


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