Ghost of Winter’s Past

We have passed another Christmas which will be added to our list when reminiscing about other winters and comparing to future ones. New Year’s resolutions were decided from days of pondering over short lists that allowed you to decipher the easiest to accomplish.

Wishing Upon a Snowflake?

Last winter you may have been wishing for snowfall and were hugely disappointed but once again you’re wishing for snowfall but this time in February. Or you went away on holiday and saw some amazing sights and wish you were in that place again. People are always living in the past where memories are good and bad but rarely do they want to live in the present. We forget the promises of a new year and revert back to our old ways.

Sugar and Spice and Everything about Life

It’s definitely time to make the most of right now! Make something happen to spice up your life. Whether that something is to take a trip to London to kick-start the new you or jump on a ferry to the beautiful Isle of Wight for a weekend. Better yet, why not accomplish the goals you set yourself last New Year; resolutions are easily forgotten by February. Play it out like last year’s film, New Year’s Eve and try to finish all your goals in the most spontaneous and creative way possible, you have until midnight on the 31st of December (2013)!

Memory Bank

Giving yourself a personal deadline not only adds a Cinderella feel but gives you something new to already work on. Why leave for tomorrow what can be accomplished today. Instead of day dreaming about the lovely affair you had last January, why not go out and meet someone new and create more memories. It’s not about re-enacting the past to get the same feelings but about creating new experiences for yourself so you have even more to remember.

Just make sure that everything new you do is something you love, you don’t want to be looking back in a few months and regretting not taking that number.

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