Daniel Tidbury Interview

Creative Director/Designer/Photographer/Business Owner Tidbury Media & Mayhem! Magazine (www.mayhemmagazine.co.uk)

Daniel graduate in 2004 from the BA (Hons) in Communication Design following a GNVQ Advanced in Art and Design – Photography and Graphics. He is the man behind Mayhem! Magazine and also freelance photographer, designer and the Art Director/Senior Designer for a media company in the US…

Talk us through your journey from graduate to where you are now. I took it upon myself to gain experience whilst studying. I learnt an enormous range of skills that could only ever have been transferred in the work place. After completing my degree and spent three years building my skills and relationship with the company who had taken me in, I was offered a job straight out of university. It took me two years to become senior designer and from there I left to travel. I stumbled across a design job in the U.S. in 2006 and worked for three months. I became Art Director within that time but declined a working visa to stay. I continued as Art Director once I was back in the UK and have been ever since! In that time also began a professional career in photography and opened a studio. This created plenty of opportunities. I accepted all sorts of projects during that time and launched a handful of publications before conceiving Mayhem! Magazine, which has now taken off and is building rapidly!

Did you always plan to go freelance? No. I don’t plan. Everything that has happened so far has been a consequence of saying yes and creating opportunity.

When did the idea for Mayhem! Magazine come about and why Portsmouth? Shortly after my return to the UK in 2006, the idea developed inspired by my experience in the U.S. In terms of the location, where better to launch a magazine than on my own doorstep? I know the city well and have a network of support. It’s an extremely over- populated city with a rich and diverse culture. Perfect.

What advise would you give to any students seeking a similar career path? Give your time for free while you have it! Jump in headfirst and don’t give up. Say yes.

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