Bus Crash Spoiler in Hollyoaks

Disaster strikes in Hollyoaks this autumn when three couples set to wed have their special day turned into chaos when a run-away mini-bus crashes into the wedding venue; mowing down everyone and everything in its path.

Despite her passionate affair with Rhys, Cindy agrees to marry Tony; the man who will give her the love, care and stability she needs. Meanwhile, Doug and Ste are set to tie the knot before Brendan can destroy them and when Cheryl double books the venue the couples agree to share their big day in a joint ceremony that brings the whole village together. Elsewhere, Jono prepares to marry his sweetheart Ruby before he leaves for the Army but the beloved pair are being forced to elope when no one takes them seriously. Maddie steals a mini-bus to take them to Gretna Green, unaware that the brakes are faulty. Being chased by Esther and Bart, who  are trying to stop the wedding, Maddie increases her speedbut has to think fast to avoid little Leah who is standing in the path of the out of control vehicle.

Maddie tears straight through the wedding venue of the joint nuptials of Tony, Cindy, Doug and Ste and as the bus comes to a stop it’s a race against time for everyone to get out of its way because when it blows up its taking the wedding parties with it…!

Lives will be lost and hearts will be broken as everyone fights for survival, but in its wake,the disaster will reveal secrets and lies that many had fought hard to keep hidden.

Hollyoaks is on C4 week nights at 6.30pm with a first look on E4 week nights at 7pm. Viewers can also catch up on demand www.C4.com/4oD.

@Hollyoaks #EnjoyTheRide starts in the week commencing Monday 12th November.


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