Style on the Streets of Pompey


Although we are all eagerly awaiting spring Pmag were pleased to see that after scouting the streets of Portsmouth, despite the cold weather outside, a sense of individuality and style was abundant! We crossed paths with so many stylish students and some were willing to share with us their fashion secrets.

An outfit that stands out from the rest deserves true recognition. Some people follow fashion blogs to give them ideas on how to vamp up their outfits but this does not mean it is cheating or copying. We all get inspiration from somewhere, as long as you switch it up and add your own personality to it then all is well.

Some people are brave enough to start their own trend. You don’t necessarily have to follow the crowd to look fashionable. One of the gentlemen in the featured images (below) made it perfectly clear to us that he doesn’t follow trends. He mixes up his own style by incorporating different textures and colours into his look.


Common styles on the street at the moment include knitwear, layering, mixing & matching of different textures and colours and last but not least black on black pairings.


There are many ways to layer clothing without looking frumpy and bulky. Colour and fabric are some of the main factors to consider but avoid using too many layers and make sure that all the clothing matches and compliments each other.

Mix matching colours

Colours make everything pop! Although summer is still a long way ahead, that should not stop you from adding colour to your outfit. Experiment with colours, but keep in mindnot to get too excited if you don’t want to come across as a walking skittle!

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