Red… Green…


They paint me red, ambiguous smile,

Dark green, blue, black, deep thought,

Bees in the hive, hard worker – quick thinker,

Forgettable, likable, picture painter, word animater,

Console, counseller; adviser – blank page,

Fossil: where did she come from?

Feline instinct – back off,

Crone’s cackle – come hither,

They pluck my strings – alternative tune,

Sing low, speak up –

Bright eyes, cold hands.


I am green,

Then a red Rothko painting,

Cave brushing – immovable stone – border treading,

Clay mother, lupine maiden –

Paper dancer in a walled garden:

Heartbroken, headstrong, scared shitless –

A rose in bracken;

Smart hare,

Dreaming of colours.

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