Get Loaded in the Park 2011

A rename could have worked for this event to ‘Get Soaked in the Park’, but even though there was rain, mud, poncho’s and an assortment of umbrellas, most of all there was music!┬áThere is something heart warming about a crowd that will stand outside in the rain and suffer for the band they love.

There were 3 stages at Get Loaded in the Park and only two of those were sheltered, yet crowds waited willingly outside and pressed on despite the weather with a smile on their face and drink in hand.┬áThe variety of drinks available was refreshing for a festival, as was the quality of food living up to Clapham Common’s reputation for going the extra mile.

Highlights of the day were the cheeky performance from Darwin Deez, extravegant creative energy from Patrick Wolf, artistic depth of the Alpines, sultry vocals of Dark Moon, glamourous performance from The Noisettes and Rock n Roll demeanor of Razorlight. Having said that it was impossible to catch every band and there is no doubt nooks of music experience that I missed out on.

Although the sun could have made the day a little more comfortable, everyone really seemed to enjoy the day. Below is a slideshow of the photo’s taken during the day which include some cheeky crowd shots.

Did you attend Get Loaded in the Park?

If so please add comments with your own experience and thoughts on any bands missed.

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