The Eastney Cellars, 21 April 2011

A delicious blend of sultry vocals, poetic narrative and complex composition in acoustic form from folk / indie / pop artist ‘ODi’, a collaborative duo at The Eastney Cellars in April 2011 as part of their ‘Maslow’s Songbook’ Album Tour.

The pair – singer/songwriter Claire OdIum and Dave Redfearn on guitar, harmonica and vocals, were fresh on their travels from Ireland having recorded a music video for their new single ‘One in a Million’ and while perplexed by the heat confidently performed their first song, You Win But You Lose, which promptly sent the small chatty crowd into a silent trance.

As the set continued it unravelled a plethora of songs that were as beautifully charming as the infectious smile and delicate ballerina poise from Claire who seemed to fit onto the small stage as though completing the venues fate as a magical music box.

Highlights included Claire’s use of the accordion for ‘One in a Million’ and the encouraged audience participation on percussion during a more jazzy number, later followed by a well-chosen and alternative ODi stamped cover of Green Day’s ‘Time of Your Life’ to finish the night.

For those who need a mainstream comparison for ODi, the vocals could be likened to a subdued KT Tunstall with the alternative minor tones of lesser-known artist Fiona Apple, but as a whole their music was simply unlike any other, a quality that has the potential to guarantee them huge success in the future.

Having said that, it is worthy of note that they were only served up as a final treat to this gig, which would not have been as satisfying without the full hearty supper of support acts that offered a mouth-watering array of acoustic courses and instrumental folk musical flavours.

The songs throughout the night from acoustic acts including Chris Ricketts (www.myspace.com/rickettsandwillshire) and LKV (www.myspace.com/lkv88) were as changing as the memories and feelings one experiences in a lifetime. Truly and deeply, all bases were covered like a live music therapy session for those eager to listen intently.

However, there is only so much emotional sharing anyone can take in one evening – cue the arrival of Southsea based indie / folk trio ‘The Day of the Rabblement’ (www.myspace.com/thedayoftherabblement) to save the day, who were like a lightning bolt caffeine fix or chocolate coated sugar rush with their upbeat feet tapping performance. The bands talented songwriting was brought to life by the lead singers sweet vocals and instrumental offerings from the banjo, guitar, accordion and clever foot tapped electric drum beat, which was a refreshing combination that equally inspired the feeling of a light-hearted barn dance and leaping around in a night club. This trio certainly brought a few cheeky grins and giggles to a room that was beginning to become quite melancholy.

Aside from the uplifting portion delivered by The Day of the Rabblement, the gig as a whole housed the kind of material you would calmly appreciate in a hot bath with candles or romantic evening by the fire. Inspiring the kind of excitement experienced by any music lover having stumbled by chance into a great gig at a local pub on holiday, an enchanting evening of acoustic music that left you feeling ‘honoured’ as a witness.

To find out more about ODi and see their new video of single, One in a Million, go to: http://www.odimusic.co.uk/

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