Hold Your Horse Is

A local band from my hometown, ‘Hold Your Horse Is’ did not dissapoint!

They are a 3 man energetic trio of math-rockers from southern England with a sound of ‘win’! Having listened to their latest EP ‘Rammin it Home’ prior to the gig, I was pleased that they sounded as good live, which is always a good thing! The EP has a definate raw sound to it with no effects and just the pure sound of guitar from Lead Guitarist, Robin Pearson’s, Marshall.

Particuar favourites were ‘You Show Up’ and ‘Casual. The first, a fast paced hard rock song that had awesome little riffs that make you want to strum guitar with almost a ‘metal like’ break down, which delivered a great twist.

The second, Casual, starts off with a melodic clean intro which sets the tone of the song, and then it abruptly cuts into hard marshall crunch with drums that sound like they are being hit to pieces.  Just a fantastic energetic sound.

In my eyes Hold Your Horse Is are a top top upcoming band that have the potential to become big, so look out for their new album coming soon!

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