Controversial Fashion Icons

Lady Gaga – Since bursting onto the music scene in 2008, Lady Gaga has been famed for her fashion sense as much, if not more than, her music. She is said to be influenced by David Bowie, Queen and Elton John as well as Madonna, which certainly comes across in her flamboyant and outrageous fashion statements.

Gaga’s fashion has seen her labelled as both a role model and a bad influence, but her style choices always make headlines no matter which view the public take. Her innovative style has placed her firmly as one of the most important people to pop culture today and one of the most influential people in the fashion world.

She has done everything from dressing in a suit made entirely of plastic bubbles to wearing blood soaked leather outfits on tour.

However, Gaga’s most controversial outfit to date has to be the meat dress! Complete with meat clutch bag, meat hat and meat heels worn to the 2010 Video Music Awards. The dress was named Time magazine’s ‘Fashion Statement of the year’, though Gaga caused uproar in the process. Where Gaga claimed the dress was a statement of human rights, animal rights group PETA were furious and labelled it ‘disrespectful’.

But then, what else would you expect from Gaga? We worship her for her controversial fashion statements.

Sex Pistols – The pioneers of punk, Sex Pistols, paved the way for the punk fashions of the 1970s that are still prominent today. The Pistols had a huge impact on British culture and punk fashion. Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious’s punk clothing caused controversy through the revolutionary ‘hard’ edge they bought to the scene, donning ripped clothes covered with safety pins, leather and piercings.

Their public image and disputable hard hitting lyrics burst them onto both the fashion and music scene in the 70s and has had a lasting impact on today’s culture. John Lydon has even been likened to the queen of the fashion punk movement, Vivienne Westwood, for his contribution to punk fashion.

Adam Ant – Adam and his band, ‘Adam and the Ants’ were also instrumental in the start of the punk movement. In fact, his controversial fashion choices were possibly more famous than his music.

Adam has been named the pioneer of the New Romantics movement of the 1980s and epitomised the more beautiful aspects of New Romanticism, wearing flamboyant, beautiful and dramatic outfits full of frills, lace and other luxurious materials.

He took inspiration from characters throughout history for many of his outfits. One such look was that of the ‘Swashbuckling Pirate’, wearing full sleeved, frilled pirate shirts made of luxury materials and hussar type jackets of velvet or silk. Adam also openly wore make up and face paint which made his look all the more controversial.

Glamour Modelling

Yes, I know, I wouldn’t call it fashion either! But I decided that belts over nipples needed a mention under the heading ‘controversial’.

Jodie Marsh and Jordan being the main offenders here with their racy, barely there, attention grabbing outfits.

Not really much else to say, we’ve all seen them!

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