Album Review: Wasting Light- Foo Fighters

Having been reduced to tears following the announcement made in 2008 that The Foo Fighters were going to take a ‘long hiatus’, I was relieved when they later retracted that statement to annouce that not only were they now going to play Milton Keynes in 2011, but also release an album!

I was ecstatic to say the least, so on 11 April 2011, I rushed to Tesco at 9.30am to buy the album shocked to find they didn’t yet have it on the shelf yet! So I ran up to someone and asked if they could go get it (all the while doing psychotic ‘give it now or I will kill you’ eyes) and soon enough I had my very own copy.

Back in the car, the CD went straight in and the volume went straight up. The intro riff to ‘Bridge Burning’ was an obvious reflection of Dave’s time spent in his part-time band Them Crooked Vultures, but then- ‘’THESE ARE MY FAMOUS LAST WORDS!’’ and Oh. My. God! To me, this was like a brand new ‘‘I’ve got another confession to make’’, Dave Grohl’s screams sending shivers down my spine once again. I’ve been playing ‘Rope’ basically on a loop since it was released, but I still listened through and it was swiftly followed by an equally catchy song ‘Dear Rosemary’ which has actually been stuck in my head for days thanks to its addictive guitar riffs and old school beats accompanied with catchy lyrics that are easy to sing along to.

However, the easy sing-a-long was rapidly contrasted by the heavy metal-esque, screamo ‘White Limo’ which, honestly, I wasn’t too fond of at first, but after seeing it performed live on David Letterman, it grew on me. My ovaries were close to exploding when Dave started whispering on ‘Arlandria’ and it quickly became apparent that this too was a good sing-a-long song.

The slow guitar riff intro to ‘These Days’ had me swooning and from the first listen I knew this would be my favourite, the song is very old school Foos and reminded me why I love them, not just because of frontman Dave Grohl, but as a band, together as 5. ‘Back & Forth’, ‘A Matter of Time’ and ‘Miss the Misery’ also feature some catchy lyrics, making me uber excited for the Milton Keynes gig so I can sing at the top of my lungs.

‘I Should Have Known’ features ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and in an interview with NME, Dave admitted the song is about Kurt Cobain. After finding this out, I listened to the song again and it sent shivers down my spine. The lyrics are so heartfelt and emotional; it will really speak to anyone who was a Nirvana/Kurt Cobain fan.  ‘Walk’ closes the album (non-deluxe version) and this would have to be my second favourite, to me the lyrics reflect their time apart and I love that.

The album was recorded entirely in Dave Grohl’s garage (despite owning a recording studio in the mountains) and they recorded it entirely through analog (tapes not PC files) and this makes the album even more epic. It’s an extra-large middle finger to current artists nowadays who rely on auto-tune and make their music through computers not instruments. That’s what music should be. Thank you Foo Fighters for making me realise there is hope for music (despite the rubbish Rebecca Black releases). Bring on July!

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