Laura Gale and 18 year old trainee Journalist at the University of Portsmouth and a sucker for the latest fashion trends and celebrity gossip, which are the two main focuses for her blog.

Fashion Is a huge part of everyone’s life. Fashion is unavoidable it is everywhere you look. A lot of people say they don’t care about fashion but even if you don’t follow the latest trends or you don’t care about what the latest fashionista wore on the red carpet. We all go out and buy our clothes, put them together how we want and get inspiration from everything and everyone around us.
That is what I find so fascinating about fashion, it’s a part of everyone’s life and some may be more interested than others but it plays a huge part in cultures all over the world and means different things to different people. Fashion has no limits and no boundaries, you can where what you want
and no one can tell you otherwise, it gives you freedom and a way to express yourself.

Laura imagines herself in ten years time living in a chic London apartment writing for Glamour magazine, well that is the dream! Her other passions include music and going to gigs!

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Or simply skip straight to her blog: lorbird.wordpress.com/

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