Night Photography

A glimpse into the imagination of photographer and University of Portsmouth graduate, Diana Goss.

Diana has a passion for expressing light in creative ways at night demonstrated by this magnificent and inspiring flickr set…

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About Diana Goss

Lucky enough to grow up in a family of photographers her early years were spent rocking developer trays, holding the hose into the developer tank and hanging out dripping wet images in a little green caravan by the side of the house!

Her father would often disappear for days on end in this quirky little darkroom. From those early days watching the light and shadows develop before her, Diana was hooked on the mystery and subtlety of the interplay of light and exposures.

She adores the challenge of night photography. Obtaining light out of the darkness just thrills her. The still of the night holds an ambience for Diana unlike any other time for shooting.

In the night time she becomes aware of the universality of everything, the palpability of earths rotation. The interplay of light, dark, time and circumstance can amount to much uncertainty.

However using her internal creative vision amounts to a pay off for such mysterious unknowings resulting in peace, freedom and initiation into the secrets of the night.

When others sleep I find a restless desire to explore the endless possibilities hidden in the dark.

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” Van Gogh.

Diana has won awards both regionally and nationally
Other merits:-
March 2011 Acceptance into Southampton International Salon with The Quirky Couple
March 2011 Acceptance into Southampton International Salon with a n a h a t a
Published in Portsmouth Creatives Publication March 2011
Shortlisted out of 100,000 entries for Digital Photographer of the Year for her Moonbathing shot
Touch(ed) won her an International cash prize
9 Highly Commended EPZ awards.
Diana’s Publications have appeared locally in The Portsmouth News and with national publications including Classic Car Weekly and Digital Photographer November 2009
29 Of Diana’s portraits appear in the DDay museum memorial book with her first layered composition.
Annual Press Photographer: Goodwood Revival 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
2009, 2010, 2011.Three years running has won the aggregate prize at Solent Camera club for prints and for digital two years running 2010, 2011

For more information visit her website:

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