Environmental Fashion

It’s official, green is so the new black this season! So this is the question we have all been asking ourselves; how can we be fashionable and help the environment?

Going green doesn’t mean you can’t stay on trend, simple lifestyle changes such as rifling through charity shops and visiting vintage fairs are often the best ways to recycle generations of clothes, and portraying a great unique sense of style.

Even having clothes swapping parties, known as ‘swishing’, can inject a new burst of life into your monotonous wardrobe. ‘Swishing’ is the new shopping for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and protect the pennies! But sharing clothes isn’t for everyone, so there are easier ways to be chic and stylish.

Tesco have recently launched a line of ethical clothing featuring just six pieces made from the end of line Tesco’s stock. Buying recycled clothes means waste clothing ends up on hangers instead of landfills.

Fashion designers are being caught at high speeds in this eco-fashion frenzy. Organic cotton, hemp and recycled fabrics all have minimal environmental impact, and all have the ability to look luxurious and expensive.

Ethical fashion boutiques are cropping up all over the country, with one intention to unite- both style and ethical fashion. ‘Responsibility Gorgeous’ is one of the few fashion boutiques to offer totally 100% clothes produced ethically and environmentally.

Not only buying sustainable clothes, but cosmetics play a large part in preserving the planet. ‘Green mango’ in Ordnance Row is proud to be the first natural salon in our region, only using wind powered energy, making them more earth friendly that the average hair salon. Only using environmentally friendly cleaning products, packaging and biodegradable towels, they are actively reducing deforestation whilst allowing you to look your very best. So students, get out there and stay looking and feeling good!

Photography by Dundee Photographics, www.freedigitalphotos.net.

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