Clumsy Coffee Girl

“What’s Frankie and Bennys? Is it the ice cream place?”
“No, that’s Ben & Jerry’s”…

For any students the change from 6th Form to University can be difficult, more so if it’s the first time you’ve lived away from home. Many see it as a chance to reinvent themselves and become the person they really want to be, to get out of old habits and change for the better. I, myself saw it this way; I thought that with entirely different surroundings, new people and a new routine, it would be easy to become this person I aspired to be, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

I come from a small country town, Uckfield, in the South East, have lived in the same house all my life and worked hard to keep myself busy. I was never particularly popular, but had a close group of friends, I was never known for being one of the smart ones but made up for that with extracurricular work; instead I had a reputation for being the clumsy posh girl who was obsessed with politics and coffee. From this I came to Portsmouth to study Journalism and Media Studies with the idea I could change this reputation… but not who I am.

On a weekend visit back to Uckfield, I was asked in a conversation with friends, what I’d done since coming to Portsmouth that was memorable and I was horrified to realise I couldn’t think of anything. I had always been the one to dive into opportunities and participate where I could, taking on extra work, hobbies and challenges to better my prospects, but since being in Portsmouth I’ve slumped.

My only answer to the question was, “I completed Halo with my roommate in 10 hours, and 2 sittings having never played before!” I hated myself just a little bit after saying that. This wasn’t me! No it was a kick up the backside!

So I ask you now, what have you done to make yourself proud? What was memorable? Have you reinvented yourself? I tried and failed. I am still the clumsy posh girl obsessed with politics and coffee, but I have grown.

I am more relaxed and confident in myself, I am more responsible and still work hard, and since that shock, I have tried going back to being me: I started 365 (taking a good picture everyday for a year), I did a charity radio show, I’m trying to get a job and I’m getting involved with Pugwash.

The only problem is, I am as clumsy as ever… I somehow blew up my kettle!

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  1. I meant to comment on this one a few days ago. I broke my pinky toes at least twice (each). And I had both ring frinegs stepped on -and broken-, plus I a couple frinegs whose ligaments I snapped playing soccer (they looked like the number 7). So… I’m not strange to your pain. 🙂

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